I was born and raised in the English part of Canada but moved to Québec City (the only French speaking province in Canada) and perfected my French there.  I am fluent in both languages and am truly grateful for that.  Since I was little, I’ve always been attracted by colors, patterns and drawing. I feel graphic design allows me to share my passion with others through creation. It’s a part of who I am. I also love to laugh and consider myself a funny person both in French and in English. In my creative and (sometimes) stressful job, I think laughing is the best cure, however caffeine is a close second.

I’m also a huge fan of travelling and it has a way of always sneaking its way back into my life. After a 2-year break from school, I finally decided to go back to University, knowing I still had so much to learn. It’s during my bachelor’s degree that I accomplished one of my childhood dreams, which was to study in PARIS. After hard work, in September of 2012, I was accepted for a semester abroad and left for the City of Lights. This experience has changed me so much and everyday I see proof of these changes. I learned to live on my own in a big city, make amazing new friends and see/ learn new things about design. I am now slowly scratching the surface of my creativity and taking more risks because of this experience.

“My goal is to find a job that inspires me and allows me to finally let my imagination run free. To be surrounded by amazing and creative minds would be (another) dream come true.”

So that’s me. Easy going, color lover and passionate about the work that I do. Here’s hoping our paths will cross (soon)…